Mittwoch, 11. April 2012

Where no [real]man has gone before...

Stalking the internet for awesome/useless stuff is one of my many passions. On my last scavenger hunt through these infinite vastness I've found some incredible good stuff:

Star Trek bathrobes!!!

You can choose between Science-Officer-blue, command-gold and the infamous expendable-red!!
Wearing one of these in the morning, drinking coffee and sending red-shirts to their inevitable death.... life can't get much cooler than this!!!

… I said „can't get MUCH cooler than this“..... BUT IT CAN!!!

Behold: the inflatable command-chair!!! 

Oooh yes. No one will question your authority while sitting on one of these!!!!
Take your rightful place, and order one at

The best part: you can combine it with your bathrobe, and become the closest thing to this:

And while we are in space, check out this one:

...yep, its fully poseable ;)
 Make your first contact with it, at

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  1. uh, haha, how great is that?
    love it. i would prefer the red bathrob!