Donnerstag, 12. April 2012


We all love.....Merchandise!! Goodies!!!! Collectibles!!! This stuff is the way to show your deep dedication to things that matter to you. Guess what's matters to me? Nah... I 'won't tell ;) But I know what matters to my lovely room-mate:


For one of the most innovative and funniest game in a decade, it has also some of the most incredible merchandise-stuff I've ever seen for a video game.

Let's start with an exact replica for one of the ...4.... main characters:

GladOS! Basicly its piece of hardware strapped to a potato.. a sexy potato! But hey, that's what this girl looks like. Deal with it!

Next in line is your one and only friend in the entire game. Your lovely, trusting, indispose-able Companion Cube! It has 8 shoulders you can cry on, if you ever find yourself trapped in a giant Labyrinth of DEATH! Give it all your loving and a giant hug...

Ever wanted to impress a girl/boy/grandchild with your extensive graphic novel collection? There is no better way to present them as in these cool looking bookends:

 Ok, but the best thing I saved for the last.

A talking portrait of Cave Johnson!!!

Yep... there is motion sensor build in, so every time you walk by, you can hear one of his many wisdoms. But who I am? Let this marvellous man talk for himself:


I'm speechless of how awesome this is!

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  1. Hey, du bist ja auch ein kleines Fundstückgenie :o)

    Leider finde ich kaum mehr Zeit, mich genügend um meinen Blog zu kümmern. Ich bin aber bei Redakteurin und bin da bei den Podcasts dabei. Wär cool, wenn ich dich da mal sehe :o) Ich heiße dort Repo!