Samstag, 14. April 2012

decorating your dungeon

Spring! Ice-walls melt and reveal hidden paths. All fleeing units rally and all your command cards come back to your hand! And, by the way, it is the best season to plant turnips, cucumbers, and cabbages in Harvest Moon!!!

What better time a year to clean up and refurbish your apartment, cave, wizard tower, tree house, carved-out dragon skull … or whatever you live in.

How about some really cool wall-decals?

Forget coffee!! Just take a look at your Bit-Tripper decal and start jumping & dashing to work … Ninja- style!

The mushroom kingdom must be a great place to live. Imagine, flesh-eating-mushroom-people [thank god they have no arms...] chasing you down, hideous bird-turtle-hybrids preying on you and even in the depths of the ocean little weird octopus-things wanna shoot you right on sight! And did I mention the the huge lizard who is constantly trying to abduct your girlfriend for no reason at all??? That's the mushroom Kingdom. And you can make it part of your beloved home! 

You like video-games? But you LOVE photography? Combine your two passions with this awesome decoration-statement:

I also found this custom made sprite-art. It looks really nice and individual and gives your living room a certain edge.

Missed an important appointment and no save-game available? No More! Travel the winds of style!

“Hey what time is it?” - “Dunno... Can't see shit on this resolution...”

Every secret hideout needs light! (because windows don't go well with secrecy..)

 Caution: coins not included! … so don't bother punching it.

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  1. i want the one with the cameras!
    looks perfect, can't image some better way of decoration!