Mittwoch, 4. April 2012

Kneel before Doom!

There are things in this world, words can't even start to describe.

Things so full of greatness, tears start running down your cheecks.

When you see them, your mind becomes blurring haze. The longer you stare, the sooner you will submit to one primal instinct: I want it.

I've seen such a Marvel (…).

And when you see it..... BRICKS WILL BE SHAT!

Yep. It's Doctor Doom riding a fucking unicorn!!! How cool is that??? I mean one of... No, THE greatest Supervillian/Anti-Hero in comicbook history bending this legendary beast of fairytales to his will.

I've found this piece of haute coutellerie on but unfortunaly it was sold out long ago. But don't kill yourself yet!! Take this picture and print it on your most favourite shirt. Why?
Because it's so damn manly....

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